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    Jabu has worked in key leadership positions at start up's like early stage Airbnb, TaskRabbit, Shyp and more. With thirteen years of Nordstrom HR (retail and corporate) experience as well, she is exceptionally well suited to support your startup.


    Her work speaks for itself so skip the nitty gritty and get straight to what our clients say about us below.


    Jabu HR is currently supporting - or has supported; Descartes Labs, Better Company, Everlane, EatWith, Lucid, Omada Health, PlanGrid, Toca Boca, Tapingo, RadPad - maybe we can help support you too?

    We specialize in;

    Culture design, Executive Coaching, Leadership/Management Training and Development, Payroll/HRIS, Org. Structure, Recruiting, On Boarding, Benefits, Compliance, Growth Strategy, Performance, Productivity, Scale Smart (and Rapidly).



    Mark Johnson, CEO at Descartes Labs: "Jabu has taught me the meaning of "operational excellence" and operational excellence is a challenge for most fast-growing startups - one that we as CEOs often put on the back-burner. Jabu has helped me to understand the importance of building a strong team to make sure everything at Descartes Labs runs smoothly. Her energy is boundless, no task is too large or too small, from legal issues to interior design, she will get it done for me. I rely on her counsel for everything from personal issues to personnel issues. I feel lucky to have found her and honored that she chose to work with me and my team. "


    Bjorn Jefferies, CEO at Toca Boca: "Jabu has helped us everything from executive coaching and development to helping out with individuals needing specific HR support. She has a sharp eye for both the group and the individual and can quickly identify what the situation requires. Jabu is also fearless and speaks her mind which makes her both efficient and respected among everyone that works with her - myself included. I can highly recommend her to any team looking to develop and grow!"


    Caroline Ingeborg, COO at Toca Boca: "Jabu has helped us grow as leaders and as an organization with everything from leadership training to how we set titles, role expectations, and compensation. She integrates fast with teams across geographies, functions, and levels. She wins respect by a commitment to transparency and speaking her mind. Jabu reads people like few others which enables her to get teams and people to think big and get into an empowering mindset. She is sharp and fun to work with and I recommend anyone in a growth phase to call Jabu immediately, she will take you to the next level and beyond."


    Tyler Galpin, Co-founder RadPad: "We brought Jabu on because she came highly recommended from a fellow entrepreneur, and we needed serious help with HR as we scaled our business. She saved us from a huge headache by helping us switch to an awesome benefits provider, and quickly gained trust among the employees in the company. Our team really became stronger in a matter of weeks. I'd hire her again in a heartbeat!"


    Kevin Gibbon, CEO Shyp: "Jabu is one of the most capable HR leaders with whom I have ever worked with. She came into Shyp as we were growing from a team of 5 to 25 and needed HR support in a serious way. Jabu quickly integrated with the team and became a trusted confidant. She found new ways to save the company money, increase efficiency and offer us better benefits plans. She's creative, scrappy, and fun to be around. We'd be lost without her!"


    Kelly McLaughlin, HR at Threadflip: "Jabu has made a major impact on our business from day one. She instantly became a trusted leader, coach, and cheerleader for our entire team. Not only has she improved the processes we had in place, but she has also implemented new initiatives that have shaped our culture and empowered our company to scale in a healthy and sustainable way. Her keen ability to work with folks from all levels of the organization speaks directly to her communication style and expertise when it comes to all things people. Whether it's dealing with a difficult situation, looking for ways to reduce spending or creating a fun new perk, she jumps in with both feet on anything we throw at her. Also, she is just a really cool person which makes it so much fun to work with her."


    Jabu Dayton

    Chief People Officer 

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